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Mary Esparza-Vela

Award-Winning Author

Mary Esparza-Vela

Mary Esparza-Vela is an award-winning author who has written articles for religious publications and online non-profit organizations. As an Editorial Assistant, she received various awards and was selected as “Civilian of the Year”. Her winning short stories include three Honorable Mention from Writers Digest and a 1st Place online winning entry. Chicken Soup for Soul recently published her inspirational story, “Visiting Nurse”.

Due to a demand for Spanish and bilingual books, Mary and her writing partner, A. M. Vela, have published over 40 picture books. A number of their books received Book of the Year Awards, Family Choice Awards, Five-Star Seals, National Finalist Awards, Moonbeam Awards, and Parents’ Pick Awards.

One book, LITTLE BROTHER’S TEMPER TANTRUMS, has been selected as a finalist in a contest sponsored by the actor, Edward James Olmos. It is in the running for possible animation/cartoons. The authors books deal with subjects like bullying, fears, acceptance, patience, disabilities, overeating, responsibility, teasing, faith, imagination, respect, cleanliness, pets, and much more.

Chicken Soup for Soul recently published her inspirational story, "Visiting Nurse".

These 101 true personal stories of angels, miracles, answered prayers, and faith in action will amaze you. Good things do happen to good people! Miracles happen every day to people from all walks of life. And angels are among us if we are open to seeing them and accepting their help.

Luv Beams®

Luv-Beams® Plush Dolls

Mary is also the patented inventor of three plush dolls called LUV-BEAMS(R). The dolls received “Preferred Choice” and “Seal of Excellence” awards from a panel made up of parents and educators. TDMonthly Toy Magazine has featured them as “winning toys.” To see the dolls and their adventures, click on: Adventures in Outer Space and Plush Dolls.

Our Doll’s Introduction

Adventures in Outer Space

Presented by award-winning author, Mary Esparza-Vela   

Mary Esparza-Vela is an award-winning author from Texas who has traditionally published 12 picture books and more than 18 self-published books and short stories. A number of her books received Book of the Year Awards, Family Choice and Moonbeam Awards, Parents’ Pick Award, Best Books Award Finalist, and Readers Favorite Awards. One of her books recently won a contest sponsored by the actor Edward James Olmos. Her winning short stories include three Honorable Mention from Writer’s Digest and two First Place online entries. In addition, Chicken Soup for the Soul published one of her short stories, “Visiting Nurse.” Ms. Vela owns all rights to her stories and illustrations and is seeking marketing and licensing assistance.

The adventures feature three young siblings who experience the daily challenges and milestones typical of preschoolers with a new twist. The stories take place in outer space. Children will find the stories unique, educational, entertaining, and humorous. Some of the topics include learning about the planets, trying to bring a dinosaur home in a spaceship, playing with unusual outer space pets, running into Santa on Christmas Eve, dealing with the hiccups, learning to count, and much more. Their first adventure, Little Brother’s Temper Tantrums, is currently selling on Amazon, at market events, chamber of commerce events, churches, schools, libraries, fundraisers, etc. (See next page)

Market Reviews/Comments: (parents & educators)

  • “You have found the rare but perfect harmony of cute, interesting, and unique.”
  • “I’d love to see the stories and characters in animated cartoons!”
  • “With heart-shaped hands, feet, and hoods, they are adorable, and so full of love.”

Little Brother’s Temper Tantrums

(A picture book for children 4-9 years of age)

Little Brother’s Temper Tantrums has received the following awards:

Book of the Year Award from Creative Child Magazine
Family Choice Award
Readers’ Favorite Award
Moonbeam Award
Best Book Awards Finalist
Latino Literacy Award Winner (sponsored by Edward James Olmos)

NOTE: The book is also available in Spanish under the title, Los Berrinches del Hermanito. The story characters Kyzzie, Sweetz, and Hunee love to explore the universe in search of adventure and fun.

STORY SUMMARY: Two tiny space beings plan to go on a treasure hunt and little brother wants to tag along. They don’t want to take him because he throws fits when he doesn’t get his way. Reluctantly, they take him and he winds up throwing tantrums because he can’t take a dinosaur home.


  • A Visit with Santa
  • Dino Broke a Tooth
  • The Rock Moved
  • Little Brother Has the Hiccups, and many more.

Comments from Randy Peyser, Expert Book Editor & Book Coach: “The characters and themes easily lend themselves to other media platforms and opportunities such as early childhood television. They could also be adapted as digital apps for the preschool market… ”

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