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Dino Broke a Tooth

Dino Broke a Tooth by Mary Esparza-Vela is a wonderful little book for children who might be afraid to see the dentist.

The Eagle with a Lazy Eye

Will Piko be strong enough, determined enough, and patient enough to help his weak eye get strong?

The Lost Tooth

Absolutely lovely book! A baby hippo looks at his reflection in the water and notices that he has a missing tooth.

The Abandoned Dog/El Perro Abandonado

I really liked that The Abandoned Dog/El Perro Abandonado highlights the tragedy of abandoned animals.

The Grumpy Catfish

The Grumpy Catfish by Mary Esparza-Vela contains such vivid, amazing artwork that children will immediately want to read the story.

The Ant Who Can’t/La Hormiga Que No Puede

I think that The Ant Who Can’t has a good message in it. Do not give up just because you are not the best at things.

The Missing Pups

The Missing Pups is beautifully told and colorfully illustrated by Visual Myths. The story is told in simple language.

The Strange Chick/El Pollito Extraño

Reader's Favourite Five
The Odd Chick, by author Mary Esparza-Vela, is a truly delightful, cute read.

A Birthday Wish/Un Deseo de Cumpleaños

This book is a heart-rending tale of Juanito, who is crippled after being hit by a car. Unlike other children of his age.

The Hungry Owl/El Búho Hambriento

In The Hungry Owl, A.M. Vela and Mary Esparza-Vela have created a beautifully illustrated picture book that teaches life values and lessons.

The Daydreaming Turtle/La Tortuga Soñadora

This book is a tale, which centers on a young turtle who compares himself to the other animals he sees in the woods around him... 

The Clean Little Pig

In The Clean Little Pig, A.M. Vela and Mary Esparza-Vela have created another charming picture story book that is also educational.

The Bullied Panda

A young panda arrives on a mountain, ready to munch on fresh bamboo, only to be bullied by a brown bear. The panda stops eating and feels helpless until he tells his big sister about his problem.

The Lost Burro/El Burro Perdido

A tiny burro shows up at a little boy’s house and becomes a real asset to the family. The day he disappears, they never expect to see him again until he prances in one dark, spooky night.

The Scared Bunny/El Conejito Asustado

A young rabbit loves to tease his older brothers. He goes off into the woods by himself and boasts that he’s not afraid of anything. One night, he hears the roar of a lion in the house. He runs to tell his brothers, but they ignore him.