The Bunny Who Lost A Tooth

Reader's Favourite Five
Once upon a time there was a bunny named Isabella. Isabella was a Princess and wore a crown on her head.

The Ugly Princess

Reader's Favourite Five
A young princess becomes the target of a jealous witch who places a curse on her because of her extraordinary beauty.

A Colt Named Star

Reader's Favourite Five
Sarah is excited because her mare, Two-Shoo, is going to give birth. The veterinarian is called and after two exhausting hours.

The Bullied Panda

Reader's Favourite Five A young panda arrives on a mountain, ready to munch on fresh bamboo, only to be bullied by a brown bear.

The Impatient Farmer

Reader's Favourite Five
A farmer named Poncho is proud of his crops, chickens, pigs, and cows, but he has one problem. He's a perfectionist and every time things don't go his way, he loses his patience and won't listen to his wife.

The Littler Car

Reader's Favourite Five
A little car named Marvin wants to join a car club, but the big cars reject him because of his size. After one of the cars gets stuck in the mud, Marvin comes to his rescue.

The Lost Tooth

Reader's Favourite Five
A baby hippo looks at his reflection in the water and notices that he has a missing tooth. He runs around the woods, asking his friends if they have seen it, but they only want to talk about their teeth.

A Tiger Cub Goes Hunting

A young tiger devours a huge meal thanks to his parents. Then he complains that he is still hungry. He decides to hunt on his own but every time a meal crosses his path, he feels sorry for it and lets it go.

The Chatty Lizard

Reader's Favourite Five
A baby lizard named Pookie leaves home to explore the world. He ignores his mother's warning about talking to strangers and tries to make friends by telling jokes.

The Birthday Treat

Reader's Favourite Five
Kami Kangaroo wants to buy her mother a birthday present, so she heads to the local store. After Caddy Duck lets her taste one of his treats, she decides to buy one for her mother.

The Eagle With A Lazy Eye

Reader's Favourite Five
A bald eagle hunting for prey has problems with his eyesight. He visits an old.

The Grumpy Catfish

Reader's Favourite Five A large catfish sits all alone at the bottom of the ocean. He has no friends and no one to play with. One day, a group of fish arrive and begin to bully him. Can the catfish win them over?


Donny has two pups, Snookie and Bitsy. One day Bitsy has four pups and they begin to mysteriously disappear. Will Donny be able to find the pups?


A tiny frog named Teeny falls in love with a little girl frog but she won't give him the time of day. He gives her a water lily and whistles a tune.


Three snake eggs sit inside a log, ready to hatch. The first two snakes wriggle out of their egg shell and decide to wait for their sister so they can hunt for food together.


Two baby hawks, Rudy and Joey, love their meals, but their brother, Sami, continually finds faults in his food and refuses to eat.